Key Currency of Global Network ON – LINE Shopping mall

The basics of decentralization where anyone can trade freely

Payment method that is the basics of decentralization and makes anyone trade freely and internationally – RICH CASH

Although distribution has been developed in the era of globalization, payment structure isn’t developed by regulation of each country and various fees. RICH CASH is born as payment method to solve it.

Platform that makes everyone trade freely including ON – LINE shopping mall, SNS, open market, social commerce and so on – RICH CASH

RICH CASH is used as key currency of global network ON – LINE shopping mall and members over 300,000 from various countries use it. After buyer expresses intention to purchase, payment will be processed. And the shipment will begin from the country. The platform is that purchase and commission of items are processed only with RICH CASH.

RICH CASH is used for purchase of real property, payment of intermediary fee, rent and management fee through wallet of property development.

RICH CASH is used for property development market. If total investment cost of Target investment real estate reaches 200,000,000RCS after certain period, real estate coin will be changed to a coin of specialty on real estate. And RCS is divided into a coin of specialty on distribution and on real estate and operated. The period is expected to take one year and a half to 2 years.



  • 2. COIN Abbreviated Name : RCS
  • COIN Unit : 8 decimal places It is divided into RP1(1 decimal place) ,RP2,RP3~ RP8(8 decimal places)
  • 4. RICH CASH Algorithm : Keccak (SHA-3)
  • 5. RICH CASH Used Place : ‘Pay’ for payment of On – Line shopping mall, Property distribution coin
  • 6. RICH CASH Total Amount of Deposit : 1100 million RCS
  • 7. RICH CASH Public Mining Amount : 220 million RCS
  • 8. RICH CASH Pre-mining Amount : 880 million RCS